1.) How Many Bundles do I need ?

10"- 14" = 2 bundles needed.

16"- 20" = 3 bundles needed.

22"-26" = 4 bundles needed.

28"- 30" = 5 bundles needed.


2.) Can I Color my Extensions ? 

Yes! absolutely Our hair is 100% unprocessed and can be colored and bleached to any level desired. however if you are not familiar with dying hair or bleaching it, we recommend that you consult with a professional.



3.) How Long Can This Hair Last ? 

With Good maintenance, this hair can last up to 3+ years even a lifetime. 

treat this hair as if it were your own. and just as you take care of your own hair using excessive heat and color can reduce the longevity of the hair. just be mindful of that my loves.



4.) Does This Hair Shed ?

any hair that has been manufactured and stitched onto a weft is always going to experience minimal shedding. each one of Our raw bundles is double weft , which should help with minimal shedding. we recommend you sewing around the weft and not through it. this will help any shedding from happening.